Canberra Apostolic Conference - April 2009


The “spirit of sonship” is an apostolic grace which brings about the spiritual maturity of the believer, the revival of apostolic Christianity, and the maturity of the church in preparation for the coming of Christ.

This important teaching reveals that the values and heart attitudes of what we call the spirit of sonship is the very nature and essence of authentic New Testament Christianity. You will discover how to walk in grace – through relationships. The subject is wonderful! Holy Scripture and salvation history must be seen in the light of sonship and its implications.

Discover keys to grace, to apostolic authority, to greater fruitfulness, and to a true double-portion inheritance through the life-changing teaching of this conference. Find the secrets of the community anointing, and discover the strength, joys and greater blessings that come through appropriate relationships in Christ. Understand also the meaning of the maturity of the church, a requirement to be established in us before the return of Christ.

John Alley, apostle and author, will teach from the scriptures these things received from the Spirit of Christ, and explain the important themes of his books. Be strengthened by an impartation of apostolic grace and spiritual gifts through the Word of God and the prayers of an apostle proven in the ministry of Jesus Christ.


The 2009 Canberra Apostolic Conference is hosted
by Pastor Maurie O’Connell and House of God Queanbeyan
House of God Queanbeyan
154 Ridgeway Road
Queanbeyan, NSW 2620
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And presented by John Kingsley Alley and Peace Apostolic Ministries
Peace Apostolic Ministries Ltd
Locked Bag 8004,
Rockhampton, Qld 4700
PH: (07) 4926 9911

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Wednesday 29th
7:30pmSession 1
Thursday 30th
9:00amSession 2
10:30amMorning Tea
11:00amSession 3
2:00pmSession 4
7:30pmSession 5
Friday 1st
9:00amSession 6
10:30amMorning Tea
11:00amSession 7
2:00pmSession 8
7:30pmSession 9


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John is the leader of Peace Apostolic Ministries Ltd and Peace Apostolic Community, Rockhampton,Australia. A warm and Godly man, he carries a genuine spiritual authority with great peace and gentleness, and has a wonderful God-given ability to teach the Scriptures and explain spiritual truth.
John is an apostle of Christ to nations, and a spiritual father to leaders in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

Over many years John has sought the Lord and received revelation about apostles and the apostolic nature of ministry, and what this means for the church. This has been published in his unique and ground-breaking book The Apostolic Revelation. John continues to receive fresh understanding, and has now written a second book, The Spirit of Sonship, on relationships in the church, which are the essence of apostolic life. He will soon finish a third book, Holy Community – the Grace of Pentecost.

The Peace community and its leadership is known for meaningful relationships, and their family life. God has given to John and his people a powerful message for the body of Christ, as well as a great grace for Christian community in church life. Upon John’s ministry is an anointing which leaves upon others a powerful and effective impartation of gifts, anointings, and apostolic grace. Twice each year John conducts the Australian School of Apostolic Ministry in Rockhampton, to train leaders to think apostolically and relationally, for the sake of the maturing of the church. His goal is to establish an integrated theology of apostolic ministry.

John and his wife Hazel have been married for 37 years, with 8 children, all of whom are active in the church and ministry with them, and 6 grandchildren.


David is a gifted leader, an apostle by calling,and has been in ministry partnership with John Alley since 1995. David provides executive leadership to Peace Apostolic Ministries, and works with John in relating to pastors and churches. He regularly speaks at conferences, and is a very discerning man with a strong teaching ministry. David has a special grace in personal conversation with pastors and leaders, and encourages people to find authentic relationships in Christian service and be equipped for the work of the ministry. David is married to Judy, and they have five children who are all committed with them in the work of the ministry and to the life of the church.