John Alley

John Alley gives apostolic fathering to ministries and churches in Australia as well as the Philippines, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and Africa. John and Hazel AlleyJohn and Hazel AlleyWith a strong call to pioneer apostolic ministry, John loves to encourage other apostles, as well as pastors and churches. There are many young and old, who look to John as a spiritual father. John has ministered in many nations, and regularly visits South East Asia. The Lord has given him vital messages for today on apostolic restoration, the reformation of the Church, grace, listening prayer, intercession and other subjects. Upon John's ministry is an anointing which leaves upon others a powerful and effective impartation of gifts, anointings, and apostolic grace. John travels regularly to proclaim the apostolic message which Christ gave him for the nations, and to advance the reformation of the Church. This message will change Australia. John Alley is the Senior Minister of Peace Apostolic Ministries and Peace Christian Community, Rockhampton. John's wife of more than 30 years is Hazel, and they have eight children, who are all active in the church and ministry with them.