No Prayer = No Move of God


Nothing good happens unless God does it. In the words of the Psalmist, “unless the Lord builds the house, the workers, labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)

As humans we are unable to bring the type of change about which God desires. We cannot even change our own husbands or wives, as many try to do. In fact, we struggle to change ourselves, and even our own best effort seems to be constantly fruitless. Even in human areas, things not to do with Christ or the Kingdom, we struggle to effect any type of meaningful change.

However with Christ and the Kingdom, nothing done outside of God himself is worth anything. Jesus said that if something is done without love, it is just a noise, like a clashing cymbal. Anything done of Christ has the right heart motivation, and is of the power of the Spirit.

So it remains to us to pray and obey. We are the object not the subject in the sentence of this situation. But in prayer, we call on God and authorize action. In prayer we act our of love and care for situations and enable the life of God to be breathe into them.

So with no prayer, there is no moving of God’s Spirit. And with little prayer, there is little moving of His Spirit. When the wind of the Spirit is moving in power, you can be sure that somewhere, someone is praying much.

God has called us to change the nations. But truthfully, we cannot change anything. Therefore God has called us to prayer. It’s a hidden role, with less glory for ourselves and all glory for Him, but worth playing for the sake of Christ and our love for others.

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