This year will be the 20th Australian Apostolic Summit, held in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

For many years we have held this event, and it has been a time where we have heard from God, received insight, impartation, and grown rich in the love and fellowship of the saints.

Over the years we have had an increase in international and national registrations to attend the summit lodged from our website. Unfortunately numbers of these registrations do not result in attendances for various reasons, but this has increased the administrative work load of the summit. We have also had numbers of people attend who had not registered. It makes it difficult to make preparations and manage the summit this way. Although we have tried to manage this more effectively we have had on going challenges with the registration process. We have decided to change the registration process commencing with the 2017 summit, which will now require everyone to register online. Registration will be lodged and confirmed automatically when a A$20 registration fee is paid. This is a once off individual/family fee and will help cover the costs of the increasing administration time required. It is important for everyone to now register through our website.

You can register at this link.