New hope

Today’s message is divided into two parts. First, Andrew Whitby shared his heart in a message titled “Lift up Your Eyes”, in which Andrew exhorted the listener to stir up within an expectation of seeing God do great and wonderful things. We need to lift up our eyes, says Andrew, and expect more of Christ.

David Hood then spoke of the hope, the compassion, love and mercy that are new to us every morning in Christ. There is no need, says David, to wait until New Year’s Eve to make resolutions that, if based on our own effort, are certain to fail. At any time and on any day, we can decide to change – and when we rely on the Lord for all that we need to effect that change, we can overcome the opposition of the enemy and see great things happen. “Life is not found in what we do, but in where we go………and regardless of our circumstances we can go to Christ”, says David.

Sunday, 30th January, 2011

| Message ByAndrew Whitby