David Hood from Peace Apostolic Ministries has just returned from Myanmar after having spent several weeks of ministry there. Pictured is a group of attendees at an apostolic school just two weeks ago.

Myanmar is a developing nation that has been through many changes in recent years, and most importantly, the grace of God is taking hold and the kingdom is growing.

During his time there David Hood conducted 22 meetings in 8 days, including conducting three apostolic schools in 3 locations. These schools are conducted for the purpose of training pastors for apostolic ministry, and helping them to think relationally.

One of the things that encourages us is seeing the message of Christ change hearts and lives, and it is certainly doing that in Myanmar. God has got very good people there like and it blesses us knowing them and being able to serve them in the name of Christ.

Please pray for the work in Myanmar, and the many pastors who serve tirelessly in the frontiers of the gospel.