Muttaburra is a town in Western Central Queensland. For a small town it is famous for a lot of things like bushrangers, dinosaurs and the great shearer's strike of 1891-1892.

However did you know that the famous Breaker Morant lived in Muttaburra for 5 years from 1885-1890.  During those years in the Muttaburra area, he was convicted of stealing horses and also personal theft (larceny) for which he went to jail in Rockhampton for 3 months of "hard labour."  He had a problem with breaking the law right from the beginning.  You can read extracts from his court entries here:

Breaker MorantHis full name was Harry Morant - he was a talented horseman which earned him the nickname, the Breaker.  He wrote poetry and was friends with both Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson and had his work published in the Bulletin over 100 years ago.  However, Harry because most famous because during the Second Boer War in 1901 he killed several people he was not authorised to, including a South African missionary who was killed because he witnessed the other killings.  For this he was court martialled and eventually hung.  Over the years he has become something of a "folk hero" and people have felt in their hearts he should have been let off his punishement.  In reality, he was a war criminal and people died at his hands.  

The night before he was executed by firing squad, he wrong one final poem called "Confession", and guess what?  In that poem he confessed to actually killing people.  And what was the reason.  They had killed one of his friends, so it was a revenge killing.  The missionary was killed so there would be no witness.

No matter what you think of the Breaker - he was a criminal.  He was one of the "bad ones."  He admitted it himself in his confession.

A Test: - Are You Better than the Breaker?

So now let's do a comparison.  Who is the better person, you or the breaker, Harry Morant.  We are going to use the Ten Commandments as our Guide.

You can find them in the Bible in Exodus 20:  You should use a pen and tick every commandment you have broken, and underline every commandment you think the Breaker has broken. Then add up the tallies at the end to see who is the better person.

  1. You shall have nothing in your life more important that God. 
  2. Do not make your own image (or concept) of God and worship or follow that.
  3. Do not use God's name as a Swear Word?
  4. Set aside one day each week to give to God?
  5. Honour your Dad and Mum no matter what kind of people they are?
  6. Don't Murder (Jesus said Hatred is Murder in the Heart)
  7. Don't Commit Adultery (Jesus said thinking of sex with a women is adultery in your heart)
  8. Don't Take things which are not yours
  9. Don't tell lies
  10. Don't want things which belong to others (makes you a thief in your heart)

Out of Ten, how many did you think the Breaker broke........after all he is called the Breaker.

And how many did you break?

And Now For Your Court Martial

At a day in the future, you will stand before Almighty God to give an account for your life, it will be your day in court.  The Bible says that "the soul that sins will surely die."  So if you have broken God's laws, you will need to explain yourself, and you will be punished accordingly.  It's easy to look down on others and see their faults without realising that we are just as guilty as they are.  

The Bible says that punishment for breaking God's laws is eternity in a place called Hell.  Not the fun hell you hear your friends laugh about, a much more horrible place.  I don't like thinking about it. 

But finally John 3:16 makes sense. "For God so loved the world that he sent his son (Jesus, who was crucified even though innocent) so that whoever trusts in him will not perish."

If you've ever had a speeding ticket, you'll know that it has to be paid. You can pay it yourself, or someone else can for you. In the same way, your debt towards God has to be paid, and either you will pay it yourself or you can hand your life over to Christ in exchange for his offer to pay it for you.

Jesus gave up his life when he was crucified. This was a payment to take our punishment.  Jesus was born from a virgin (that's wild) and because of that and his genuinly good life, he was the only perfect human being.  So he became the only candidate who could "pay your fine" if you accept it and give your life up to him. It's a swap, his life for yours.

The only escape is found in Christ. You must do 2 things:  First you need help - you need to come to Jesus and trust him and be willing to follow him.  Secondly you need to turn yourself around, to do what is called repentance.  Start considering God and his requirements, put behind you the selfishness and find out what God wants from you and do that.  Are you willing to become a follower of Jesus Christ, and turn around and start doing what He wants?

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