Mission and Goals

There are many in the world who are called to do great things for Christ; even to do similar things to ourselves, but we testify to receiving a particular call, and to that the Lord has made covenant with us for this purpose. Fortunately, there are indeed others throughout the world labouring to also do these great works for the advance of the Kingdom of Christ.

Our Mission: “The Restoration of Apostolic Christianity in the whole earth”

Our Four Visionary Goals:

  1. Bring Peace to Spiritual Maturity as a true Apostolic Community.
  2. Establish the Unity of the Body of Christ in Rockhampton and look for the Salvation of the City.
  3. Obtain the Spiritual Awakening of Australia.
  4. Establish Apostolic Christianity in Every Nation.

The Primary Goals of the Apostolic Vision:

  1. Bring Peace to Spiritual Maturity as a true Apostolic Community
  • Continue to pursue and enrich the grace of God to be an apostolic community, to love one another, and to enjoy together the holy fear of the Lord.
  • Bring the people of our city to Christ and disciple them, and achieve regular numerical growth for Peace Apostolic Community.
  • Multiply Life-groups into the city.
  • Establish by faith and grace the prosperity of the people of Peace, and release wealth into the work of the Kingdom of Christ.
  • Define and model the holy apostolic life and freedom for which Christ died to give all believers.
  • Send out spiritual sons and daughters with the message of Christ as servants to all.
  • Impart the grace of this message and ministry over succeeding generations until Christ comes – a multi-generation revival.
  • Establish the Unity of the Body of Christ in Rockhampton and look for the Salvation of the City
  • To see the acceptance of Apostles and Prophets ministering in their rightful place and providing leadership in the City.
  • To see established a New Testament Eldership over the City.
  • To help bring about the effective “one heart and one mind” life of the church in the city, and the believers loving one another.
  • To see the Church of Rockhampton empowered in soul-winning and making disciples.
  • To obtain the Spiritual Awakening of the whole City and the Central Queensland region – bringing the city, its institutions, its families and the surrounding region to Jesus Christ.
  • Obtain the Spiritual Awakening of Australia
  • Sow the apostolic message deeply throughout Australia, in particular the values of the “spirit of sonship” and “father/son relationship in the ministry”.
  • Raise 10,000 Intercessors in Australia to pray for a spiritual awakening, the raising of Apostles, and the restoration of Apostolic Christianity in the World.
  • Teach the 5-fold ministry how to relate and minister apostolically, and to love one another.
  • Provide apostolic covering and spiritual fathering for pastors and churches, and for other ministers and ministries of Christ.
  • Help City Elderships become established in many cities. Provide Apostolic Covering and accountability for Elderships and/or whole cities as appropriate and desired by others.
  • Help raise Apostles and Prophets to maturity as foundation ministries for the Church of Christ.
  • Develop relationships throughout Australia between leaders and churches, and facilitate the unity of the church.
  • Encourage the forming of a national gathering of apostles, prophets and teachers, so as to see established the Covering of Christ over the church of this nation.
  • Prepare Australia for a spiritual awakening and a harvest of souls; believe and work for this Great Australian Awakening.
  • Establish Apostolic Christianity in Every Nation
  • Carry the apostolic message of Christ to every nation.
  • Build apostolic relationships with effective ministries in each nation: father people, raise apostles and prophets, help establish apostolic communities, help establish city elderships, and provide apostolic covering and accountability for ministers and ministries.
  • Develop education and communication resources that can reach the world.
  • Build relationships and network with other international ministries of apostles and prophets.