Miracles Conference 2020

Join us this August for a Conference on Miracles.

For many years there has been a real history of God moving through Peace conferences, and with the people of Peace. John Alley has received much grace and truth that the Body of Christ may be strengthened. If you haven’t heard of John, or the apostolic message that Christ entrusted to him, this conference will be a chance to be acquainted with John and some of the key things that God has been saying through him.

Over the course of 3 days, join John Alley and the people of Peace. These will be insightful sessions, God will speak, and his Spirit will move among us.

All sessions will be live streamed, and there is no cost for registration. After you register, further information will be sent to you. While there is no registration fee, if you are able to make a gift to support the conference, you can click the button below the registration form to help support our expenses in putting this conference on.

Make sure you set aside the following times in your Calendar: (Timezone +10)

  • Aug 14th 7:30pm – Friday
  • Aug 15th 7:30pm – Saturday
  • Aug 16th 9:30 am – Sunday

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