Ministry in Tanzania & Kenya


Lloyd Gill has just returned on behalf of ‘Peace’ from some fruitful ministry in both Tanzania and Kenya meeting with key brothers, congregations and ministries in Dar ‘es Salaam, and also in Nairobi and the surrounding areas.

In Tanzania during December 6-9, Lloyd spoke and ministered for Pastor Job, a dear brother who he was able to serve with teaching, impartation and prayer. The apostolic grace that is on our lives, is tangible, and truly flows when we go with the purpose to give and serve others.

After a fruitful and happy time there, Lloyd travelled to Nairobi to be with Dr David Juma, a long time brother in the Lord, fellow worker and apostle in the service of Christ. He is one of those men well attested to the saints, and approved of by so many over a long period of time.

Lloyd ministered for Dr David at their annual convergence family camp, and event to which over 500 people attended. Then in addition, Lloyd ministered at several other nearby locations including a church in Kerugoya.

In addition to the apostolic content that is shared, one of the things we readily notice is the grace that flows to others. From our willingness to give and serve, with no intention other than to see God’s kingdom built, and his people strengthened, God does indeed strengthen them. He is faithful and good in these things.

Of these things Lloyd writes:

“The time in Tanzania spent with Job added to our relationship, and the ministry in the church was very sweet.

At the family camp this week I gave a word regarding David Juma as well as the church in Kenya in general, this was an important time, and I believe that it will touch the lives of those that were there deeply.

I finished off at Kerugoya with Davids brother Tony, and had a great time with his leaders on Saturday speaking about the value of sonship, and the types of relationships we need to have. On Sunday spoke to the church about the heart of God and the fact that we are sons of God and that we struggle to relate well to God as father because of the wounds in our hearts. Part way through the message I felt that I could pray for hearts to be healed, although we often spend a lot more time talking through the issues, and at the end when I prayed there was a strong sense of the anointing, and I believe that hearts were healed and changed.

Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers.”

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