This powerful message is shared between Tony Ponicke and Michael Appleton. First, Tony speaks at length about healing and forgiveness, emphasizing the choice that we must make, either to love or to sin. Not only do we need to forgive, but we also need to choose to love, respect and bless the one who has sinned against us. Tony then speaks about judgements, pointing out from Scripture the dangers that lie within for the one who makes and holds judgements about another. Michael then takes up the message and, from the Scriptures, teaches on the subject of humility and our need to practice it as an attitude of heart. Michael then reiterates the dangers of being judgmental and allowing a superior attitude to others, before going on to speak about the importance of thankfulness and gratitude. This thought-provoking message is rich with Scriptural background, and will benefit those who hear it and put these principles into practice. Sunday, 9th August, 2009

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