Philip Alley once again focuses on an aspect of the very familiar Christmas story, drawing comparisons between the respective responses given by Zechariah and by Mary, when each was visited by the angel Gabriel. Zechariah was skeptical, asking for evidence that the promised child would be born to himself and Elizabeth, while Mary was humble and simply asked for understanding – “how can this be?”
Philip asks the question, “Why did Gabriel strike Zechariah dumb but call Mary “full of grace”? It was because of the differing heart attitudes. Philip goes on to say that any of us could easily become like Zechariah, worn down by the chain of disappointment to a state of resignation and thus developing a cynical and questioning attitude.
Philip concludes his message with 3 lessons to be learned:

• Proudly demanding evidence displays a failure to trust God
• We should instead humbly seek an explanation.
• Don’t despair when we fall. Instead, in humility repent and press on in faith.

| Message ByPhilip Alley