The word and image of God, says John Alley, is implanted in the human race, and from the time of Adam, the first man, marriage ha shad a very high and holy purpose. John walks the listener through the first 2 chapters of the book of Genesis, which tells of the creation of man and then of woman. The verses selected by John speak of the authority given to man in the earth, and of God as a transcendent, sovereign deity, as well as a very close-up, personal God. God brought the woman to the man and this, says John, is God’s pattern in bringing people together in the intimacy of marriage. When we waste the intimacy meant for marriage in other relationships, we destroy ourselves. The covenant of marriage is unique, the closest of all human relationships, and should be honoured by all. There is much food for thought in this message about the unique, high and holy calling of marriage.

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