Love: Just Do It

David Hood commences his message today with a discussion of some worldly saying s that distort the true meaning of the word “Love”. David then goes on to examine several Scripture verses that speak of the importance that God places on love, and also the fact that He has commanded us to love one another. And whatever is critically important to God, says David, will be vehemently opposed by the enemy, so that love is opposed at every level.

David then goes on to remind the listener that the decision to love is one of thought and will, not of feelings. If our feelings dominate our thoughts, says David, then this isolates us and separates us out from the people of God, making us vulnerable to the attack of the enemy.

This thoughtful and thought provoking message will enrich the thinking of the listener and encourage and challenge towards becoming a person who “just does” love in accordance with God’s expressed will.

| Message ByDavid Hood