David Alley commences today’s message by reading the passage from Matthew 24:24-44, which teaches that not even Jesus knows the time of His second coming, but only the Father knows. Jesus even stated that we are not to know the time or date of his appearing. Therefore, we should not concern ourselves with trying to work out when He will come, but rather to live in readiness for that coming. And how do we live in readiness? It is not by simply waiting passively with one eye on the door as it were, for that is unproductive and does not provide a return for our Master on the talents he has given each of us. No, we should live and plan in expectation of living long lives, and live a life of prayer as we work towards building the kingdom of God. This message will encourage and inspire the listener to live productive lives so that while we are ready for the appearance of Christ at any time, we are at the same time working towards the extension of His kingdom.

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