There are many voices today telling us how to live long and healthy lives. Information that guides towards good health is useful, but is incomplete in that it does not address the issues of the spirit. Today John Alley teaches from the Scriptures what God has to say about the way to live a life that is long, strong and fruitful. John introduces some nine instructions for long life covered extensively in the Bible, each with strong Scripture references. These include the honouring of parents, righteousness, seeking God for a promise, being filled with the works of God, the pursuit of wisdom and worship to name a few. John concludes his message with a reference to a parable of Jesus, about a man who persistently asks his neighbour for bread in the middle of the night. His persistence paid off, because as Jesus said, although the neighbour would not grant his request because he was a friend, he did in the end grant the request because of the boldness of the man. We need, says John, to be bold in our requests to God for a long, healthy and fruitful life.