John Alley once again turns to Matthew Chapter 24 as he begins this message exploring what the Bible says about end times. Verse 29 of this chapter speaks of the sun and the moon being darkened and the stars falling from the skies. This, however, says John is not to be interpreted literally, but rather as a figure of speech relating to events in human history. John further illustrates this by pointing to other references in Scripture which are identical or very close to it and which clearly prophesy judgement on nations but not literal happenings in the heavens. This passage, says John, describe what was to happen to the nation of Israel and to Judaism. And indeed, the “lights did go out” in Jerusalem just as Jesus said, with the destruction of the Temple clearly portraying the words of Jesus. The light might go out for nations and for many but as John points out from Scripture, the light of Christ will never fade or depart for the Christian believer. Even in darkness. Light dawns for the righteous, for those who believe and who have the Christ light. This is a message of hope and will inspire the believer to work for the furtherance of the gospel rather than to be paralyzed by unfounded fear of what the future may hold.

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