John Alley takes up the thread with his strong belief that the grace of God is meant to fall on Central Queensland in its entirety, not just our city and surrounds. We really ought to be praying, says John, for the transformation of Central Queensland. The borders are porous too, so that the blessing can “leak out” to surrounding areas as we do the work of prayer. God is always ready to pour out grace, but our prayers must be strengthened in order to see the outcome we seek. John encourages all to be part of the morning prayer meetings, as well as Friday night prayer and the Youth meetings. John goes on to give six “conditions” for answered prayer including being in Christ, praying in the name of Jesus, the health of our relationships, having a clean heart, belief and praying according to the will of God before concluding the message with a reading from Deuteronomy 13:12-13.

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