Evan Roberts, the famous Welsh revivalist was once asked what was the secret to revival. His reply was that "there is no secret", but "It is only ask and receive." Another way of saying it is that prayer is the "secret" of revival.

As believers we desire to see the salvation of those around us, but we think there is some other way of changing the world around us. We try good music in church, air conditioned buildings, great programs, discipleship systems, wonderful websites, charity fundraisers... the list goes on.

How about prayer? Not just a prayer, but "seek and you shall find."

Charles Finney, a noted revivalist from New York in the 1800's said "when the world and society reviles the Church" that "it is time to seek God for a revival. He also said that "when a spirit of worldliness invades the Church" it is time to seek God for a revival.

It is time to seek the spiritual renewal of our land. It is time to put our trust in Christ for His intervention. It is time to pray as we not done before.