Apostolic School on Kangaroo island


Peace Apostolic Ministries held their 9th Australian Apostolic School at Kingsgate Haven, Kangaroo Island from 13-17 October. This was the first Australian school held outside the Rockhampton area for the purpose of facilitating more spiritual leaders from the southern states of Australia to attend. We had 10 attendees from Adelaide, 2 from Kangaroo Island and a brother who travelled from Pretoria, South Africa. Kingsgate Haven was a very suitable and comfortable venue, and we were served splendidly by managers Chris and Karen Hagger and volunteer staff from House Of Prayer. Rich fellowship was shared over meals and breaks in the teaching.

Sessions commenced with prayer and worship and over the 15 sessions John Alley spoke to many current issues affecting the church. The apostolic nature of ministry, the biblical model for Christian relationships (fathering and sonship), community and city eldership were some subjects covered. The group was encouraged and challenged to think about long term ministry and to believe for the gospel to increasingly be changing nations and for the church to attain the unity and maturity that scripture calls for. Meaningful discussions arose from the teaching and faith was increased. At the conclusion of the final session there was an ordination for the associate pastor from Zion Hill, and John prayed for all the delegates. Those in attendance expressed their sincere thanks and said they were truly blessed.

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