Is Jesus On The Internet?

On this Internet Evangelism Sunday, David Alley looks at the potential for internet to bring people to Christ. When we seek information on any given subject, we often use the internet to search it out. It is the same with people who want to find out about Jesus, says David. The internet is a unique, powerful and ever-growing means of communication, and Christian believers need to take up the task of properly informing the world about the Saviour.

David then extends this idea to include the importance of our conduct on social networking sites such as Facebook, as well as the potential impact of posting links to the Peace website in order to spread the apostolic message.

This thought provoking message will cause the listener to think again about the way that they access the internet and the way that they represent Christ to the world through this means.

Sunday, 25th April, 2010

| Message ByDavid Alley