In just a few weeks our online school goes public and will be open for registrations and study. Initially there is just 2 courses that can be completed, but in the year ahead, we will be adding more courses to the learning environment.

To start you will have a choice of our Initial Module in Apostolic Ministry. Ultimately there are going to be 4 modules that complete this full course of study, and each is quite comprehensive in the material that they cover. You will be able to start by covering what it means to be an apostle, who can be an apostle, false apostles and genuine apostolic ministry, and much more. These units of study come out of the ministry of John Alley

We are also offering a course called Releasing the Power of Intercession. This is a 14 unit course covering all aspects of prayer, and intercession, including spiritual warfare and listening prayer. This course is suited to all believers.

To be updated when the school launches, please complete our expressions of interest form and we will email you on or around the 23rd of September when the site goes live.