In View of The Cross: Things to Love And Things Not to Love

John Alley begins his message by reading John 12:23-25, in which Jesus, just days before going to the cross and following the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, explains to his followers that he is going away. This is followed by the insight that the one who loves his life will lose it, but the one who hates life in this world will live forever. John then turns to 1John 2:15-17 for confirmation that we are not meant to love the world or anything in it. Corinne Maxwell then speaks for a few minutes about the need to take up one’s cross daily and what that means in practical terms, giving examples of those who have refused to compromise in following Christ.

John exhorts the listener to make certain that a love of the world and worldly things have not blinded the listener to the true call to follow and serve Christ.

Sunday 26th February 2012

| Message ByJohn Alley