What does it mean to be a follower of Christ? What is a disciple? Does being a Christian change the way I behave? These are some of the questions with which Philip Alley commences his message, also making reference to a well known Christian book from which he chosen title is derived. Philip goes on to discuss Scripture verses from the book of Luke which speak of daily taking up our cross and denying self. Every day we must choose to live differently, following Christ’s example. Growth comes through people and through pain, says Philip. The influence of others can encourage growth is we will allow it to, as will the pain that comes through living in a broken world. Sometimes, says Philip, pain comes in conjunction with people and sometimes that pain is deliberately caused. This is especially difficult when the people are close to us. But Jesus’ own people hated him and killed him – yet he did not retaliate. Philip closes with the thought that we are saved because of Jesus’ silence, and a question. Will our silence in the face of suffering convict others?

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