Two things we can be sure of, says David Hood, are - that God has a good plan for our lives, and that the enemy of our souls will do everything he can to oppose that plan. God does not want us to remain the same, and will actively work to change us into the image of Christ. David uses the story of Joseph, who endured many trials and yet cam through them with a heart that was true to God. In every situation, says David, we need to have an attitude that will allow God to work with us. Just as the prophet Isaiah spoke of the potter and the clay, we belong to the Lord, and He will bring us right back to the beginning and start again if he needs to. We are all walking the same path and are meant to encourage one other. With many Scripture reference, David encourages the listener that, no matter where we are up to with our preparation, we should get focussed and get in line with the word of God.

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