On this Palm Sunday the message is shared by David Alley and Tony Ponicke. David Alley begins with an account of an event happening during the week leading up to the Passover. In this well known story found in Matthew’s gospel, Jesus was anointed with a jar of extremely expensive perfume and then stated that he had been anointed for burial. From this story David brings the truth that nothing is too good for Jesus and that we ought to give Him our all, joyfully and with love. Tony Ponicke then takes up the message and begins by discussing the meaning of the word “Hosanna”, which is found many times in the account of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Tony explained that it means more than simply praise to God; it actually is a call to the Lord beseeching Him to save the people. In fact, Tony says, in calling “Hosanna!” the people were actually calling the cross into being. Tony discusses comprehensively the many aspects of the triumphal entry, bringing Scripture verses from the Old Testament which prophesied the unfolding events. Tony concludes by challenging the listeners to make sure that Jesus is their all, not just an extra thing “tacked on” to their lives. We should not be focused on our own lives, but should be all about Jesus.

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