Happy Birthday John Alley

Happy Birthday John AlleyToday we want to wish John Alley a happy birthday. For many years he has loved us and served us and given his life for us and all who are with us at Peace. For those who are part of the local church here in Rockhampton, we know this so well because he has poured his life into prayer for us, and care, and late night visits to the hospital.

For the many spiritual sons of John around the world, we know he has loved and cared and prayed for them with a heart towards them all. Some of the sons are in places hard to get to, like Zimbabwe, but John's heart is there and in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Asia, North America as well as many places in Australia.

Today you can share your love and greetings by wishing John a Happy Birthday. You can do so via facebook - like and then add your love, via twitter @johnkalley or via email to johnalley@peace.org.au.

We love you very much and wish you a great birthday, and many more, and also much grace with that too.

David Alley on behalf of all the sons, brothers, sisters and family in the Lord.