Following his inspiring series of messages about Covenant, John Alley now turns to the subject of our posterity, or the generations that will follow us. The way that we think, speak and act, says John, will affect our future generations. Therefore, we need to be very mindful of our attitudes as well as our words – our children will adopt our attitudes, no matter what we teach them. There are many warnings is Scripture against causing any little one who believes to stumble, and John brings forward several Scripture verses that emphasize this fact. We should, says John, ensure that our example to our children is one that demonstrates the prime importance of church life, including prayer meetings and other special meetings as well as regular Sunday services, service to the church and hospitality. John also lists other values that are important in guarding our posterity, including the spiritual leadership of men, respect for others including spiritual leaders, our speech patterns and our attitudes to money. .

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