Philip Alley’s message today compares and contrasts “organic growth” as opposed to “intentional growth”. In the spiritual sense, organic growth occurs simply by being surrounded by good leaders, good teaching and good opportunities – but this kind of growth takes a long time before maturity is reached. Intentional growth, says Philip, has nothing to do with the passage of time, being busy with church activities, or knowledge which fills the mind with facts. It is not a condition of God’s love for us and our salvation does not depend on it. But if we desire to grow intentionally, there are things we need to do. These include a change of mindset, time spent in the word of God, our spiritual food, the giving up of our “rights” and developing a passion for the things of God so that we put aside other things in order to seek Him. This message is rich with meaning and will inspire the listener to press in to God and to intentionally grow!

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