How Grace Really Works And How To Walk In It

As born again believers, we know that it is by grace that we were saved, and not by works. Too often though, we can tend to slip back into the human mind-set of merit and ‘earning’ the favour of God. Ponder the truths of God’s word and lean how to walk in grace in a fresh way and experience for yourself the freedom that comes with such a walk! Learn to recognise the characteristics of the life governed by the grace of God. See the difference between ‘dead works’ and the works that God has prepared for each one of us. These are powerful and life changing messages. Without understanding grace you cannot walk in the power of God. Everything God does for you, and every blessing you will ever walk in, is received by grace. Learn how to enjoy God’s grace, learn of rest, finally understand what it means for the Christian to be free from law. This is a central truth of great importance for you today.

How Grace Really Works – Freedom from Sin

How Grace Really Works – Righteousness

How Grace Really Works – Freedom

How Grace Really Works – Grace for the Humble

How Grace Really Works – Introduction

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