John Alley begins this message with 5 points from his previous messages about the purpose of the Lord’s Day. The final of these points was that there is a spiritual experience of Christ that we are meant to walk in – faith rest.

John goes on to present a simple yet profound comparison between good works, which come from a place of rest, and dead works, which come from human striving. These two different types of works, says John, begin with and are classified by what we believe, who we believe, and in what (or whom) we put our trust. Dead works are of the flesh and lead only to death, while good works are what we were created for and were prepared or us from the beginning of time. And yet, says John, often our works are a mixture of both.

John gives helpful illustrations of the heart motives that could be at the heart of two people doing identical works, both of which in themselves seem good and have good outcomes. If we do things to obtain righteousness, then our works are dead. God will give righteousness as a grace gift, but not if strive to be “worthy” of the gift. John presents several verses of Scripture. To illustrate good works, John brings verses from Ephesians 2 and Philippians 2 and then to warn against dead works he brings verses from Hebrews6 and 9 and John 6. John concludes this inspiring message with words from the apostle Paul, who spoke of building with gold, silver and precious stones or wood, hay and stubble.

| Message ByJohn Alley