Support Peace Apostolic Ministries

There are several ways you can support Peace Apostolic Ministries:

1. DONATE: Your giving today to support this important work is greatly helpful and appreciated. You can give using either credit card below or by contacting the office for Direct Deposit information. You may also choose to indicate below what specific purpose you would like your gift to be allocated to.

2. SHARE: The apostolic grace in our messages changes many lives. Share our ministry and our teaching with your leaders and your friends. You could also share on social media such as Facebook. Let the message change the hearts of others also. There are many great resources on this website that are FREE. Pass it on.

3. PRAY FOR US: The prayers of God’s people are hugely powerful and wonderfully helpful. Please include us regularly in your prayers, and pray for us to have great grace in carrying the message of Christ to all nations, and especially Australia itself. Pray that the message the Lord has given us will be honoured and received all over the world.

4. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST: Keep up to date with the latest news. That will be very encouraging and assist your prayers.