Today's dynamic message by Tony Fitzgerald centres on the way that we are meant to operate in our lives on a Kingdom basis. When God created a colony name Earth, he made a reflection of another realm that was already in existence. He then gave governmental power to Adam and Eve over all the Earth. Of course, Adam fell. However Jesus came for the purpose of restoring all things -- He is restoring what Adam destroyed. God will populate the earth through father/son relationships, says Tony. When father/son relationships are broken, so is every other relationship. We are born with purpose and function. Everything that Jesus taught in the gospels was to do with how the Kingdom works. This proves that Jesus placed great importance on the Kingdom -- and so must we. We are all in the position to influence somebody and we are here so that the word of God can work in our hearts until we become sons of the Kingdom -- and we are exhorted in this message not to miss our destiny. This message is rich in content and will be truly empowering for the attentive listener.

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