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We have a large resource of downloads for you to listen, read and watch. For over 35 years, John Kingsley Alley has been teaching and bringing believers into revelation and insight in Jesus Christ. Here we present for you some brilliant and life changing messages that will inspire and challenge you. Click on each message to learn more about the topic in question.

Victorious Living

No Longer in the Dark - a Victorious Eschatology (11 Messages)
Christ and Sabbath Rest (8 Messages)
The Anointing (3 Messages)
The Salvation of the Jews
Dreams and Their Biblical Interpretation
The Grace and Power of Christ in Baptism
How to Walk in Grace and Freedom (2 Messages)
The Believers Authority
The Victory of the Cross
Fear of the Lord (2 Messages)
How Grace Really Works And How To Walk In It (5 Messages)
Power Protection (2 Messages)
Christian Weddings, Marriage & Courtship (3 Messages)
Faith, Feelings and Expectations - Grow in Faith (3 Messages)
Understanding Repentance (3 Messages)
Faith to Move Mountains (5 Messages)

Apostolic Revelation

Generational Blessing
Pursuing a Spiritual Father - Free Download (2 Messages)
Relational Boundaries - Free Download (2 Messages)
Apostolic Revelation (10 Messages)
Chuck Clayton's 2002 Apostolic Summit Messages (7 Messages)
Sonship, Inheritance, Generational Blessing - Free Download (2 Messages)

Apostolic Reformation

Do We All Need a Spiritual Father
Prophets False & True
God's Unchanging Purpose - Apostolic Christianity (2 Messages)
The Restoration of New Testament Prophets (2 Messages)
The Old and the New (2 Messages)
City Eldership (2 Messages)
Holy Community (6 Messages)
The Nations Called into the Kingdom of Christ (4 Messages)


Books for Free Download

Spiritual Warfare

Claims Counter-Claims in the Body of Christ
Defeating the Power of Accusation – Free Download
Exposing the Spirit of Lawlessness
State of the War – Free Download
Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement (2 Messages)
Overcoming Lawlessness (3 Messages)
Heavenly Realms (3 Messages)
5 Major Revelations (Spiritual Warfare Pack) (6 Messages)


How to Get Answers to Prayer
Tongues – A Great Gift For Today’s Believer
Listening Prayer (2 Messages)
How to Pray for Friends and Family


Sowing & Reaping (2 Messages)
The Power of Generosity
The Power of the Tithe
Financial Wisdom - Free Download (5 Messages)


Set Captives Free (2 Messages)
Healing (3 Messages)