This message, delivered in two parts, begins with a prophetic insight from John Alley about the need for God’s people to pray that they might see what is coming “just around the corner”. John, focusing on times of financial difficulty in the church, gives illustrations by way of three stories from the history of Peace. These stories show the reasons behind the times of financial difficulty and the way in which, once steps were taken to address an issue, grace for finances flowed once again. John goes on to propose that in light of the global financial situation and in accordance with what he believes God to be saying, it would be wise for God’s people to be prepared for more stringent times so as to be in the place that God is able to bless with provision. This involves attention to God’s word and His principles as well as listening and being prayerful. John concludes with several Scripture verses referring to these principles and to the faithfulness of God to His blameless ones. David Hood then takes up the message with an exhortation not to grumble, but to have an attitude of gratitude, servitude, faith, encouragement and of the Kingdom rather than focusing on our own lives and situations. Taking the Scripture from Luke 9:23, David exhorts the listener to deny oneself, take up our cross and then to follow Christ. Faith, says David, requires works in order to prove that faith. David gives the example of Isaac, who planted in famine and reaped a hundred fold.

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