From a book by George Dempster first published in 1935 by Hodder & Stoughton, John Alley takes a story of one man who was “found” by the author in his quest to find men for Christ. George Dempster was a minister of the church who led a “double life” in which on certain days he would dress in the same fashion as the poor men of London’s East End and become one of their number, with the aim of reaching one man at a time for Christ. This is the inspiring story of one such man who, having fallen from good standing in society and left his wife and family because of an addiction to alcohol, found himself on the docks looking for work each day. After encountering the witness of George Dempster, this man was saved and restored to his family and his former profession. Not only that, but he became instrumental in influencing thousands of young men to lead holy lives. This message will encourage the listener to become one who will, at the Lord’s leading, reach out in personal witness to others, just as we are instructed by the word of God. Sunday, 21st March, 2010

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