In previous weeks John Alley has given an overview of Old Testament accounts of planned giving among believers. Today he provides a guided tour of 2 Corinthians, Chapters 8 and 9. These chapters were written as teaching for a planned giving programme that Paul was running at the time. John follows this with a photo report of the time that he and Hazel spent in PNG, teaching the principles of Christina giving to people of tribal descent, for the main non-English speaking people who were only half a generation removed from a very primitive lifestyle. John tells of outstanding results in these new churches and explains that if it is not too heard for those people to take hold of Christina giving, then it cannot be too difficult for the believer today. John speaks with the children of the congregation, explaining the proper us of money while emphasizing that they have a choice as to how to utilize money, before calling on 2 church leaders for their testimonies of giving to the work of God.

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