Financial Miracles #3

As a starting point for his third message in this current series, John Alley recaps briefly last week’s teaching regarding planned giving programmes as told in the Bible. John goes on to state that those in leadership need to set a good example for others in the matter of giving. In this case, John is referring not only to Church leaders but to those who could be considered financial leaders, those who have influence. It is important that these people give a good example for those of lesser means.

John poses a question: “God is a God of miracles, Why, then, does He not simply provide miraculously for every need?” John goes on to show from Scripture that God is building a people together, while building the hearts and thoughts of individual believers. There is no such thing as community, says John, without financial commitment. John teaches from some six or seven Scripture verses around the subject of tithes and offerings, emphasizing the difference in nature and purpose of the tithe and the offering. In conclusion, John asks the people to consider seriously during the coming week, how each one might play their own part in growing the church with a view to making a financial pledge to the work of God. . It is important, says John, to have a plan of action so that the decision reached is a prayerfully considered one that is far more likely to be followed through than would be a glib decision. It is spiritually good for us, says John, to think about these matters and examine our hearts.

| Message ByJohn Alley