Continuing on with his series of messages about financial miracles and how to position one’s self to be eligible to receive them, John Alley gives several anecdotes to illustrate the outworking of being in the position to receive such grace. Any word, God speaks, say John, has power if we can come into the place of believing and taking hold of it. John speaks of various instances of God’s provision before recounting the way in which he, personally, began to tithe before he was even born again, and has continued to this day not only to tithe but also to give liberally of his substance as the need arises. John then goes on to give some four examples from Scripture of planned giving as recorded in the Bible record of events in history. But when the call comes to a body of believers, says John, to give sacrificially into the work of God, it only becomes a personal call for those who are willing. The children of Israel in the desert, King David, the Corinthian church and the Macedonians were all named in the Bible as people who gave in a planned way. This message, full of grace, encourages the listener to prayerfully consider what they, as an individual, can contribute towards to corporate work of God.

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