For six months now we have been working and planning toward our online apostolic school. This will be an virtual training environment with video, reading material, quizzes and also interaction with teachers, for learning and understanding what God is doing in regards to the apostolic message today.

For the last ten years we have travelled the world conducting physical apostolic schools, and have lectured and taught thousands of people on the subject in a number of nations. However we realise that it will never be possible to get to every location, or educate as effectively as an online environment can.

We are still aware of course of the need for real interaction with teachers, for prayer and impartation, and that is all being considered as we develop the first of our online modules... Apostolic Revelation.

Today we have commenced filming for the first of our videos in this module, and a new training environment is currently being developed. We have much exciting news and development yet to come. A date for the commencement is yet unknown, however you can register your interest here, and be notified once we begin.