John Alley commences his message with a reading from the book of Jeremiah which teaches that our lives are not our own – it is not for a man to direct his own steps. John then goes to the book of Luke, emphasizing the need for repentance. God is patient and merciful, says John, and while He gives another chance for His people to repent, there is a point where, if left too long, the person is unable to repent. John goes on to discuss the need to rebuild the Church Council. Weak leadership, says John, causes the flock to be scattered. John reads from Acts and Luke, teaching on what makes a real man. Real men, says John, are tender hearted, generous and hard working, ready to help others and full of the Holy Spirit. John concludes his message with discussion of the things with which we are meant to be clothed, never being separated from Christ our head.

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