When a nation loses its way spiritually, says John Alley, other things slide also. This statement was in response to a recent report that the standards of students’ results in learning have become drastically lower than previously. However, says John, by our prayers the Lord turns all things around to show His glory. John goes on to state that everything goo din this world can be traced back to the gospel – medal breakthroughs, care for the aged and underprivileged and great inventions all had their beginnings in Christianity. However, when an atheistic society gets hold of these good things and twists them to an extreme position, corruption occurs. John refers to Colossians 1:28, where reference is made to “every man perfect”, explaining that according to Scripture we all should strive to be perfect as God is perfect. John emphasizes the need for strong men in leadership in the Church. We must be very prayerful, says John, in these times when there is an agenda afoot to twist and distort that which God meant for good.

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