Family Camp

Conversion – When It’s Time to Make a Decision

On this Family Camp Sunday, Steve Holmstrom brings the final “installment” of his series on bring people to Christ. Steve recaps briefly on the first 4 messages before moving to “fifth gear” and presenting 4 things important to “closing the deal”. These include presenting the gospel clearly, asking “the question”, leading the new believer through a prayer of repentance and following up and caring for the new convert. This message, while being humorous in parts and very easy to listen to, carries a depth of insight into ways in which an unsaved person can be reached and led to Christ.…

Testimonies From Family Camp

This morning many members of the congregation gave inspiring testimonies to the grace and work of God in their lives following the Family Camp held the previous weekend. Following the time of sharing, John Alley gave a brief outline from Scripture of an upcoming message about “one of the most amazing keys to Christian living found in the Bible”. The Scripture verse John spoke from and plans to expound further at a later date in found in Romans 6:11. Sunday 25th March, 2012