Vision Sunday – Celebrating the Feast of Epiphany

The Epiphany Sunday message brought today is a composite one with various speakers involved. John Alley begins the message, emphasising that Christians need to have a Bible worldview – a thinking faith that leads us to win the enemies of Christ so that they become friends of Christ. Philip Alley takes up the thread and answers the question, “How much has the Kingdom of God advanced?” Philip gives a comprehensive report of the progress of the Gospel in the nations, emphasising that even though human beings take a negative view of the state of the world, the world is in…

Increasing Light

God wants to bring His people to a new place, to usher us into a whole new order of things. While we do know the Lord, and know His love, we should come to truly know Him, and truly know His love. It's the same, and yet somehow quite different. What we need is more light. This is something God gives and we should seek Him for it.