No Longer in the Dark - a Victorious Eschatology

In the last few weeks of 2013 and in the first six months of 2014, John Alley preached a series of important messages on the topic of the ends times. These messages literally leave you 'no longer in the dark' and open up the end times in a way that brings a lightbulb moment. The end times is no longer confusing.

Some people have wondered why this is even important to talk about. John Alley has written an excellent blog post explaining why a proper understanding of eschatology is essential.

Many people who listened to these messages have reported feeling liberated from fear and confusion. We invite you to listen to these important messages that reveal what the Bible has contained all along - a victorious eschatology.


A 9 Part CD/DVD/MP3 Series containing some of these messages are available in our Online Store.