Philip Alley explores the topic of disappointment – what causes it and how to deal with it. In the story of Cleopas and his companion on the road to Emmaus, their disappointment in the events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ has blinded them in a sense, so that they did not recognise Jesus when he came to them on the road and walked with them. If our expectations are wrong, says Philip, then we can even be disappointed by God because of our limited perceptions. When dreams appear to have shattered, we become like Cleopas, unable in that moment to recognise the presence and the hand of God. Philip gives some possible reasons why our dreams may appear to have crumbled before giving several pointers on dealing with disappointment in our lives. Disappointment, says Philip, does not make our task of reaching family and friends for Christ go away. Our honest testimony will be exactly what somebody needs to hear.

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