Philip Alley begins his message by likening the events of our lives to the action of ocean waves which crash over us, churning and tossing us this way and that. And yet, it is possible to stand fast by exercising our faith. Philip speaks from James 2:14, which speaks of the interaction of faith and actions. Can faith without actions save? What kinds of actions are we talking about? Philip answers these questions and more as he takes examples from the lives of Bible identities such as Noah, Abraham and Sarah, each of whom held fast to their faith in the face of overwhelming opposition or circumstance. Dennis Wells then tells a story of acting in faith and seeing remarkable results after God revealed information in a dream which ran counter to the “wisdom” of the world. Philip then resumes with the statement that when doubt comes, it is time to go back to the Bible and believe. “The glory of God is a person fully alive” This quote from St Irenaeus sums up the intent of this message. Faith never glorifies man, says Philip, it is God who acts and therefore it is God who is glorified.

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