12 Jan 2014

Eat my Dust

Series: No Longer in the Dark – a Victorious Eschatology | God was the first person to say “Eat my Dust,” and it was spoken to the snake in the Garden of Eden. Christ triumphed mightily over the enemy on the cross and in this message John Alley follows a large trail of references to Christ’s triumph and many other references to Satan being in the dust. John discusses the Roman concept of a Triumphal Procession after victory. This involved displaying the captives through the streets of Rome, a procedure that often took days. At various places along the way various enemies were publicly disgraced and killed. The Bible equates Christs victory as “triumph.” The devil has been humiliated. However believers often have limited understanding, and the devil is a deceiver and so he still has power in our lives to influence us. This message helps us see a bigger picture of our place. It culminates in a reference to Satan being placed “under our feet.” Finally the devil’s humiliation is worse than before, because now the children of God has authority over him. This is a powerful message and one that will get you thinking, praying and believing that more is possible.