Digital Video Ministry

Background Information:

Two decades ago Christ called John Alley and ‘Peace’ to take an apostolic message to the nations. Christ said this message would not only change Australia, but change the nations. Since then, John and the people at Peace have been to more than forty nations teaching and instructing pastors and churches. One decade ago it was becoming clear that television was the way forward, but unfortunately an old-school mindset existed and we believed that we had to build a channel like the major networks such as God TV. Our early attempts to begin on that path really struggled.

In recent times, especially as we have experienced the effects of COVID, it has become obvious that we must take the apostolic message to the nations digitally. This requires a digital strategy mainly involving youtube, but also other forms of media and communication. It is time to take our message to the nations to the next level, by doing things both in news ways and in new quantities. This document outlines the basic points of our 5 year plan, and invites you to participate in it with us for the first three of those years as we get it off the ground.

Starting this August, Peace Apostolic Ministries is going to start building up it’s online content development and delivery to the point that it will eventually be producing in excess of 70 online videos each month. This will include regular content by John Alley several times per week, plus contributions of other types and from other contributors also.

Peace is going to hold 4 annual conferences instead of one, the first of these being the Miracles Conference this August. There will be monthly apostolic lectures with live Q&A (already started). There will be weekly TOBI Talks (Topics of Bible Interest) in the style of TED Talks. There will be daily prayer videos, plus a video commentary of the Bible will be commenced in mid August, which will be completed in 4 years from now. This is all in addition to our regular weekly services, and also the training school production videos that will be produced for the Peace Online Training ministry.

Given that real-world travel is not realistically possible, Peace plans to travel the world digitally and take the message of Christ, flavoured with the apostolic worldview given by Christ to the nations. We will reach many more nations and people in this manner in the next 5 years, than we have in all of the previous 20 years combined.

What Will be the Outcome of This?

We expect that in 5 years, we will grow the Peace TV youtube channel from its current subscriber base of 3000 people to be in excess of 100,000 people. We expect that our material, with its relational worldview will touch the lives of many thousands of pastors and churches, far exceeding the impact we currently already have. The impact of our message is incalculable, and will bring change to churches, and empower the gospel greatly in many places. These are the things that Christ said would happen.

The Part You Can Play

As part of our digital strategy – we plan to grow and expand, and will eventually come to the place where this digital ministry is self-sufficient. Here are three ways we need help.

A – We are looking for seeding partners in raising the initial funds required to partner with us for 3 years. We are asking these seeding parters for a commitment of $100 per week. Please talk to us, if Christ is calling you to commit as a seeding partner.

B – There’s an opportunity to give monthly from as little as $10 per month right through to $150p/m.


C – We are also seeking one-off gifts of any amount.

This income will enable us to implement our digital strategy, increase staff and continue reaching thousands with this Apostolic message we have been commissioned to take to the nations!

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