Many events are advertised as “apostolic and prophetic”, says John Alley as he introduces his second message on the subject of the true meaning of the term “apostolic”. However, events being advertised in this way have nothing to do with being apostolic of prophetic. They are merely teaching on the subject. There are also networks known and apostolic networks, but they are in fact mini-denominations. John goes on to discuss the differences between the apostolic gift and apostolic purpose. It is all about the kind of heart, relationships and order that are found within a people, says John, who then goes on to speak of the nature of the body of Christ and of the Head, Jesus. If someone is to be an apostle, it is always a direct, personal and individual appointment by Christ Himself and is not initiated by the laying on of hands. God will bring man alongside to bless, but only if the initial appointment is of Christ. This message is full of insight and thought-provoking information that will help the people of God on the way to understanding the true nature of the apostolic

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